NACWPI Academy

LWQ performed at NACWPI Academy as part of MENC's Music Education Week

“Music of the Americas Recital” featuring The Lieurance Wind Quintet

The Lieurance Woodwind Quintet has taken on the task of examining music written by composers since our group’s inception. The borrowing and blending of compositional techniques, antiquated forms, ethnic and poly-rhythms, not to mention popular song and jazz is the constant thread linking these distinctly “American” works together. Spanning influences from four continents—Europe, North American, Africa, and South America—these works demonstrate how fertile soil can grow infinite diversity.

  • Quintet for Winds Robert Muczynski
  • Dance Suite Paul Valjean
  • Quintet for Winds John Harbison
  • Quintet no. 2 Alec Wilder
  • Woodwind Quintet Elliot Carter
  • Suite Hermetica Liduino Pitombeira

Premiere of Odysseia by Nickitas Demos of Georgia State University, winner of the NACWPI 2010 Composition Competition.

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